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How its work

Masterminds are our unique users and members of FAME Influencer Agency. They are the extended arm of companies, services, and brands that market their products and services with their network of followers. Today we have over 5 000+ masterminds on our platform within nano, micro, and macro communities.

Be Famous

Are you interested in being Famous, or do you love photography, fashion, design, or cooking - then you have a chance to do something you love!


It does not matter what style or what interests you have, nor does it matter what you look like. The important thing is that you keep track of how the platform you want to use works and how you create content that others want to see, like, and comment on.

Live your dream
Reveal your potential

What our Masterminds do

As a mastermind, you share or distribute content. 

You apply for promotions from companies, organizations, and brands that give you products, free samples and compensation in exchange for you promoting their brand on your social media accounts.

How do you become Famous?

Anyone can become Famous, that's what's so amazing!

You just need to download our app FAME via the App Store or Google Play. Connect your social media to the fame platform and then user account in the app and then you will be able to apply for promotions.

Lets connect influencers
Move smarter with Fame

Not just one type of mastermind

There are an incredible number of styles and genres within Influencer Marketing. Such as exercise, lifestyle, cooking, health, technology, entertainment, construction etc. 


There is something for everyone!

How do you apply for campaigns?

You will find a lot of campaigns from brands in different industries in the app, and there, you, as an influencer, will be able to look for the campaigns that actually go in line with yourself. It is very important to us that you and the brands align with each other. We make sure that you feel that you stand for those who stand for the brand and vice versa.

After reading the campaign briefs and guidelines, click Apply to the campaign. You will receive a message depending on if the brands approved or disapproved your application. In brief, you will also find the date for the last application date, the day for the selection, the day for when the draft must be submitted and the day for publication.


It is very important that you follow these dates in order for the campaign to end and for you to receive your compensation.

Make the move with Fame
A ride with Fame

How do we choose our masterminds?

Once they have applied for the campaigns, you as a brand will see the selection in the platform through a clear overview of our icons. That is: gender, age, place, number of followers, commitment, cost and much more.

After you have chosen your selection according to the agreed budget, the masterminds will receive a message in the app that they have been accepted for the campaign.


After that, the mastermind will follow the directives and post its material in a draft that you as a brand will have to go through and see that all guidelines are followed. If everything looks good, the person is approved until the said date for publication applies.

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