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Is influencer collaboration the next real deal among African influencers?

Let’s face it, the influencer marketing industry is becoming highly competitive. With the

increasing shift towards digital marketing and the high inflow of young people finding their path in the creative industry, the influencer marketing industry is getting all the attention.

Yes, there are several ways to distinguish yourself as an influencer among the cluster, such as finding a niche, building a community etc. Still, most influencers know this already, and everyone is working towards differentiating their personal brand.

What other strategy is available to you as an influencer? Some Nigerian influencers have started the trend of an influencer collaboration. Influencer collaboration is a strategy in the influencer marketing industry, especially among young influencers. The whole idea of this is to build more connections amongst themselves and give them a better chance to collaborate with brands. Think of this as COLLABORATING TO COMPETE in a clustered industry. A group of influencers combining their expertise and efforts to provide the best marketing content. Brands are more likely to collaborate with a close-knit group of influencers because “why go after one when you can get a group at a friendlier rate”.

In Nigeria, there are influencer groups such as “THE GENGNG”-who are currently dominating the GenZ influencer scene across Africa. We have other groups such as “PLAYHOUSENG”, “THE CIRCLE” etc. All these groups are after the same goal, to dominate the influencer industry and be the preferred influencers in Africa. There is enough room for everyone to thrive as long as you get your strategy straight. One thing to look out for before you join an influencer group; make sure your goals and values align collectively to avoid unnecessary conflict.

The pros of influencer collaborations are:

  1. Influencer collaborations increase influencer marketing campaigns and enable the influencers involved to earn more return on their efforts.

  2. It increases awareness for all the parties involved.

  3. Growth and development of each member through learning from each other.

If you ask us , that’s a win-win situation, and it looks juicy.


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