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The Role of trending sounds in Reels

It’s no surprise that everyone on social media is either getting used to video content or invested in video content. This is because most of the social media platforms have become centralised on video content-REELS. From people going viral on Tiktok- a video content focused app to Instagram imploring its users to make use of reels and other social media platforms trying to introduce video content, REELS are here to stay!.

As a content creator/social media influencer, the goal is for your active and prospective audience to notice you, especially now that platforms like Instagram havehave worked the algorithm in a way that, as long as you check all the boxes, anybody can notice you. One of the major ways to reach a wider audience is to use trending sounds in your videos.

Trending sounds range from music, instrumentals, voice overs etc. A lot of creativity has gone into incorporating sounds in videos to make them even more appealing and entertaining. From song mixes and mashups, to voiceover skits, lines from movie scenes and so much more. It is almost like you are being compelled to create video content because it is irresistible.

But not everyone who uses trending sounds reaches a wider audience because there are certain criterias to fulfil to ensure that use of trending sounds works to your advantage.

There is always a trending sound on every platform, every region and every demographic. It is important to check the trending sounds in these categories to determine your choice. Another thing to consider is how to align that sound with the type of content you create. Most people just jump on any trending sound without tailoring it to be specific to their own environment, niche etc. You have to be strategic with your choice. Basically, the criterias to look out for are;

  1. What sound is trending in my region?

  2. What are the trending sounds on Tiktok, and Instagram...?

  3. Are these sounds trending in my audience demographics?

  4. Does this sound fit the type of content I am about to create?

When executed effectively, the use of trending sounds yields great benefits to content creators/influencers. You should definitely try it out to step up your video content creation game.


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